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Case Studies Overview#

Logistics Network Design#

PC Comp* is a global computer components manufacturer. The Fortune 500 company is currently the market leader, but facing strong and aggressive competition from numerous OEMs in different markets. It is paramount that they achieve and maintain excellent customer service levels at the lowest total landed costs.
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Optimizing the Return Network#

SmartPhone* is a major mobile phone OEM. After streamlining their forward logistics strategy they wanted to look at the after-market supply chain. Although the issue of product returns is not a pleasant one, it is a reality. All products will have some returns, either through buyer remorse, user-damage, or defective design. A poorly designed return network can alienate customers and erode profits. On the other hand, a well designed return network can offer a competitive differentiator in an increasingly commoditized market.
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Optimizing Logistics Strategy #

FrozenFoods* is a leading speciality foods company producing and distributing frozen foods delicacies and high-end fresh foods to industrial and retail customers. FrozenFoods has production, storage and distribution facilities in more than 15 countries. Industrial and retail sales channels require different service levels and have different product mix demands.
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Operations and Logistics Optimization#

GlobalFoods* is a leading foods company producing and distributing variety of products in frozen and refrigirated foods category. GlobalFoods operates globally and, particularly, is a well established player in the European market with warehousing and distribution operations across EU.
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Inventory Optimization#

TelCom* is a leading telecommunications company designing, manufacturing and delivering high-end products to value-add centers in more than 20 countries. These markets, with a variety of sales channels, require high service levels and rapid time-to-market for their wide range of products.
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Production & Capacity Planning#

ChemCo* is a multi-billion dollar corporation producing intermediates for endconsumer products. In an industry where there is continuous pressure to reduce costs, one of the key drivers of profitability is the efficient utilization of plant and transportation assets.
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Sales Inventory & Operations Planning#

With a diversified product portfolio and a complex supply chain, ViewCorp* was looking for a solution that would streamline its monthly SIOP process to achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs and have supply chain visibility to make their business decisions.
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Value Chain Strategy#

DeskPC*, a large OEM specialized in desktop computers, realized the critical need to understand, predict and proactively adapt to changing global value chain trends. Executives at DeskPC sought to determine the best value chain strategy by understanding and comparing the trade-offs between Asian, North American and European sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution strategies for their worldwide markets
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*Company name disguised to retain confidentiality