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About SimFlex Advanced#

SimFlex is a powerful diagnostic and decision support technology for supply chains which enables companies to optimize the overall supply chain and simulate supply chain dynamics, and real-world variations. The accuracy of the results generated by SimFlex enables companies to make strategic, tactical and cost conscious decisions on complex supply chain issues. Additionally, companies are able to understand potential impacts on the supply chain network as various market conditions change.

Using SimFlex, the user is able to present a complete analysis that evaluates a spectrum of supply chain alternatives available to the customer. The purpose of the analysis is to assist decision makers in making the most strategic and cost effective decisions before undertaking costly investments.

SimFlex has the ability to:

  • Evaluate a company's existing supply network
  • Evaluate a company's existing distribution network(s)
  • Design a company's network
  • Optimize a company's network
  • Model and evaluate alternative manufacturing and distribution scenarios
  • Analyze and compare the results of different supply chain scenarios
  • Design and test the Optimum Global Supply Chain solution taking into consideration the company's strategic requirements, constraints and limitations, and fluctuating market conditions
  • Provide an objective and consistent comparison of alternative supply chain scenarios
  • Evaluate the impacts of the recommended changes over the existing supply chain network