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SimFlex for Academics#

SimFlex is a value chain planning tool which enables companies to design, test and deploy robust and lean solutions supporting business decisions. SimFlex Lite is used for evaluating strategic options like

  • Location of factories and DC's
  • Sourcing of Raw materials and Components
  • Make Vs. Buy decision
  • Carbon footprint Strategy

Objective of SimFlex class exercise are:

  • Expose students to Supply Chain Management concepts
  • Understand the trade off involved in managing global supply chains
  • Evaluate different scenarios and understand the trade offs

Some universities which currently use SimFlex as an educational tool

Texas A&M universityChalam Narayanan
Tampere University of TechnologyRainer Breite
University College DublinVincent Hargaden

"SimFlex is an interactive supply chain tool that could be easily integrated in undergraduate and MBA curriculum. The faculty member just needs to be a facilitator and doesn't have to spend valueable class time "teaching" the tool. Students can see how every decision they make affect the supply chain cost and customer service level on a real time basis."

Dr. Arunachalam Narayanan, Assistant Professor,
Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution
Texas A&M University, Texas

"SimFlex is an effective complementary tool to classroom theoretical curriculum and provides the students with an appreciation for supply chain decision making from a holistic perspective taking into account various trade-offs."

Dr. Rainer Breite, Professor,
Department of Business Information Management and Logistics
Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Explore SimFlex Lite #

  1. Go to Tutorials
  2. All the tutorial are listed in order

Class exercises and projects#

  1. Each student/student group is given a unique case
  2. Each student/student group is given a SimFlex account with a unique login and password
  3. The student(s) create the model in their account and analyze the results
  4. The deliverable from the student(s) is a report with their recommendations on which alternative strategy is 'best' and why. The students will use the output from the SimFlex tool support the recommendations. Typically, this exercise/project has been given to the students as a mid-term (in some cases, end of term) project with 2-4 weeks duration to complete the project.

Different comparison metrics are available in SimFlex Lite, including

  • End to End supply Chain Cost
  • Material cost and Value Add cost
  • Transportation cost and Delivery Time
  • Custom duties and Taxes paid
  • Inventory and Lead Time
  • Green House Gas Emissions

University Mini Portal#

An university specific mini portal can be created in the SimFlex knowledge base in the website . This can be used as a discussion area for projects or other issues, to encourage collaboration between students (and faculty). Students can use this mini-portal to provide feedback on the tool, project and any feedback is welcome.

Usage Policy#

SimFlex is provided for academic purposes(as a complement to classroom teaching and research) and cannot be used for commercial engagements (including consulting) without prior approval of the SimFlex Group.
All requests for commercial usage of SimFlex are reviewed on a case by case basis. The SimFlex tool cannot be used in relation to Flextronics' competitors (including EMS and ODM companies) and existing/potential customers.

Sample Case Study